Historic Route with Flight

Day 1: Addis Ababa- Bahir Dar Fly to Bahir Dar, then drive to have boat excursion on Lake Tana. Afternoon, you will visit the magnificent Blue Nile falls. Dinner and overnight in a hotel
Day 2: Bahir Dar - Gonder
drive to Gonder then visit the town with its great modern historical treasures. Dinner and overnight in a hotel
Day 3: Gonder - Lalibela
Fly to Lalibela, the rest of the day visit the 11 rock hewn churches of Lalibela. Dinner and overnight in a hotel
Day 4: Lalibela – Axum

Time difference in Ethiopia:

Time difference in Ethiopia:
Ethiopia has a different time calculating system and three hours ahead of Green witch Mean time (GMT). The Ethiopian day is calculated in a manner similar to that in many equatorial countries, where day and night is always the same length. Time remains constant through the year counting starts from western 6 and 6 Western 7 is there fore one o'clock, noon is 6 o' clock and 6 is 12 o'clock. In Addis Ababa, then sunrise and sunset at around 6:30 and 18.45 respectively.

10 Amazing, Fun & Interesting Facts about Ethiopia

Ethiopia, officially known as Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is a country located in the Horn of Africa (northeastern Africa). It is surrounded by Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan and Kenya. It is the 2nd most populous country in Africa. Let us know some interesting facts about Ethiopia
#1: The Birth Place of humanity  

When is the best time to come to Ethiopia?

Most parts of Ethiopia are accessible by land or air all year round. However, the ideal time to visit Ethiopia is probably between mid- September and April, when the rainy season is over but the countryside is still green.
You might want your trip to coincide with one of Ethiopia's important religious festivals, particularly Meskel (September) or Timkat (January).

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